AI-Powered sales outreach: elevate your email game

Are you ready to revolutionize your sales outreach and take it to new heights? ActiveCampaign’s AI-Powered content generator helps you effortlessly generate relevant content throughout the sales lifecycle that is optimized for your target audience. 

Man at laptop using AI to generate a followup email to customer

Spend more time closing deals, less time writing

No more spending precious minutes typing out the same information repeatedly. Our AI effortlessly generates high-quality content for your saved responses, direct, and automated 1:1 emails, freeing you up to concentrate on winning business.

Woman on couch at laptop using AI to edit and change content
Team collaborating with email modal that is using AI to auto-generate message field

Go from idea to high-quality content at lightning speed with the power of AI

  • Write a brief introduction about your company, highlighting key offerings and benefits.
  • Outline pricing options and packages available, including any special offers or discounts.
  • Send a message to stay engaged with prospects, reminding them about your previous conversation or to schedule a call or meeting.
  • Respond to request a product demo or schedule a meeting, including available time slots or a link to your calendar.

The future of sales prospecting is here

Embrace a new era of personalized outreach that truly resonates with each prospect. Our powerful sales engagement automation, combined with AI-generated content, empowers sales teams to craft compelling and tailored messages for your automated prospecting campaigns. 

ActiveCampaign's AI Builder to add content easily into an automation

AI-optimized saved responses for sales teams

From handling common inquiries to addressing objections, our AI-generated saved responses ensure consistency and efficiency in your sales communications. 

Image showing list of AI-optimized saved responses for sales teams

Craft direct sales emails that convert in seconds

No more staring at a blank screen, wondering how to start your pitch – our AI-powered content generation takes care of that for you, saving you time and ensuring every email is optimized for maximum impact. Whether you’re nurturing leads or closing deals, our AI-content generation empowers your sales team with the precision and personalization needed to drive conversions.

Woman at laptop using AI Builder to generate email followups