Never have a “this should have been an email” meeting again.

When you have a call, wouldn’t it be great to have everyone on the same page before it even starts?

You’ll get right to the point and hang up knowing you accomplished everything you needed to.

And your attendees, whether a client, teammate, partner or important executive, won’t feel like you wasted their time.

What you get:


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Why use a meeting agenda template?

Have you ever been in a meeting that should have been an email? Of course, you have!

You waste the first half of the meeting trying to figure out why you’re all on the same call, and spend the second half of the meeting working to accomplish unknown tasks.

Unfortunately, these meetings happen all the time, and never yield the results that you’re looking for. Lucky for you, there’s an easy solution that gets everyone on the same page and helps you accomplish everything you need to.

That solution is…drum roll please…a meeting agenda.

Creating a call agenda gets everyone on the same page and sets the right expectations before you start. This way, you’ll avoid the dreaded questions like:

  • “What are we here to talk about?”
  • “Are we going through that today?”
  • “Wait, what are we talking about?”
  • “Am I missing something? I think I’m missing something.”

An agenda makes every meeting you have productive and worthwhile.

These agenda templates are yours to keep and customize so nobody leaves your meetings thinking it was a waste of their time, or that it could have been an email.

How to use this agenda template

Send the call meeting agenda to all relevant parties at least an hour before the call. This gives everyone a chance to review and prepare. They’ll know exactly what you’ll cover, and can head into the meeting with clear expectations.

This helps you to appear more organized and credible to your meeting attendees. They will then feel more confident in your ability to run the meeting (and your ability to accomplish anything you’re proposing or discussing), and trust you more. Higher levels of trust and confidence lead to a higher likelihood you’ll find success in what you’re meeting about.

So… what goes into a meeting agenda? What do you send to your attendees?

A successful meeting agenda includes 4 things:

  • Context for the meeting
  • Instructions for attending
  • Main meeting objectives
  • Desired end state

Get a free agenda template

What goes into a successful meeting isn’t just the agenda, but how we communicate it with clients, customers or whoever is attending the meeting.

In this download, you’ll find additional templates for:

  • Introductory call agenda template
  • Proposal call agenda template
  • Project Review template

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel for every meeting you run.

Make sure you don’t leave out anything that needs to be there with these agenda templates.

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