Personally Thank Your Customers with Thank You Video Templates

It can be difficult to find time to personally thank customers amongst all of the other to-do’s, but it’s a must.

Sending personalized videos can be a key differentiator for you, amongst competitors, and make all the difference in your customers experience.

Use these five thank you video templates to add that personalized touch at scale.

What you get:


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Have the ability to thank your customers and prospects without taking a lot of your time

It can be frustrating finding time to build strong relationships and personally thanking your customers. You have a million things on your to-do list. Time and time again, the task of thanking customers get put off because it’s time-consuming. Well, we’ve created free thank you video templates that offers an alternative to an ‘in real life’ thank you, letting your prospects and customers know how grateful you are in a way that fits into your regular schedule.

How to easily thank your audience in a personal way

When it comes to relationship building, you know what a game-changer sending personalized videos can be. Sending personal videos takes that to a new level. By sending a thank you video to each lead, prospect, or someone in your community, you help create a deeper and more trustworthy relationship with your audience. The great thing about a thank you video is that:

  • it allows you to stand out in your customers’ inbox with something truly personal
  • it’s the modern equivalent of a handwritten note
  • it’s a really easy way to send a memorable message
  • it cuts through the standard ‘copy and paste’ or automated messages

And that’s just the start. You don’t need stock videos, fancy video editors, or a stock library of images.

Whether you’re a new business or solo entrepreneur, sending thank you videos to your prospects and customers with Bonjoro is an easy way to develop strong relationship and deepen customer lifetime value. You can send personalized thank you videos anytime, but what if you’re not sure what to say?

After four years and analyzing results from over 40,000 companies across the world, Bonjoro has seen which templates and scripts generate the best ROI and impact.

How to use your free Bonjoro thank you video templates

The format of each video template is designed to be plug-and-play with Bonjoro. Each thank you video template includes a subject line and copy for the body. When you find a video script you like just connect Bonjoro with your ActiveCampaign account, and create your own video template in just a few simple clicks.

Custom Thank You Video template examples included:

  • Thank buyers or donors
  • Invite VIP customers to community
  • Reward loyal customers
  • Get reviews from happy customers

How to Create a Template in Bonjoro

Step 1

Simply find the specific thank you template you want to use

Step 2

Open Message Templates in your Bonjoro account

Step 3

Copy and paste your desired script and subject line from this document into the Message Template editor.

Video script templates can include call-to-action ideas like a link to your appointment calendar or a document. Each template is designed to get more prospects to respond to your outbound sales or marketing efforts so you can book more calls and close more deals, and get more leads to engage with your offer, so they end up paying for your course or product. These thank you templates are going to help you stand out and make more money.

What should you say in your thank you video?

When it comes to recording and sending an engaging video, shorter videos tend to work better than long videos. A short video is around thirty seconds in length or a script that is one page. If you write a script that’s longer than one page, do a couple of rounds of editing and cut out all the unnecessary fat. Then read it out loud to listen for opportunities to make the language more conversational, or sentences shorter. The result is a video that’s engaging and succinct.

Script elements have:

  • an introduction
  • natural transitions
  • a conversational tone
  • a call-to-action

You don’t need a fancy teleprompter to remember your lines. Be genuine. If you make a small mistake, keep going and don’t edit it. People want to see authenticity!

What does Bonjoro+ActiveCampaign look like in action?

When you connect Bonjoro with ActiveCampaign, you can easily generate tasks to record personal videos at just the right time. This means you can:

  • create personalized video campaigns in Bonjoro based on key customer events and tags in your ActiveCampaign account
  • pass custom attributes from your ActiveCampaign account into Bonjoro so they are visible at the time of recording your message on Bonjoro’s web or mobile apps
  • customize every video with your own branding and call-to-actions

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