Stop letting voicemail kill your leads and customer engagement

Missed calls aren’t… ideal, but if you do miss a call, how do you keep your customers engaged and encourage them to leave you a voicemail?

Check out these free business voicemail scripts with over 20 scripts that you can implement today.

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What is a good voicemail greeting for business?

A good voicemail greeting for your business has two key parts:

  • Professional  — Lets them know who they’ve reached, why their call has not been answered and when they can expect a return call.
  • Personable — Lets them know their message has been received by a real person who values their call and will reach back out to them. Including humor and a personal touch is extremely important here (even if your industry prefers to be more “robotic” in their communications).



What is the most professional voicemail message?

The most professional voicemail message can be as follows:

“Greetings! You’ve reached [your name and position]’s voicemail. I am away from my phone or [other important and expected job function]. Please leave me your name, telephone number, and a short message. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, typically within [reasonable timeframe, like 12 or 24 hours].”

For more examples, download our free business voicemail scripts above!



How do I record my company voicemail?

Recording company voicemail can be really simple, like speaking your new business voicemail script into an iPhone, or you can set up voicemails across your entire company at a highly professional level.

If you want to go the professional route, here are 7 steps to take:

  1. Professional recording studio — Rent a professional recording studio space for a day to have optimal audio quality.
  2. Professional speaker — Hire a voiceover professional to create all of the voicemails across your company.
  3. Create a script — Create scripts for the voiceover professional to use during recording.
  4. Be personable — As noted above, allow for a bit of personality in the recording.
  5. Be positive — Tone matters more than the words you say!
  6. Keep it short — The longer they have to listen, the less likely they are to leave a message.
  7. Ask for details — Make sure to get the most important information from them in their message.



Get a free business voicemail script (that you can use today!)

In today’s digital-first world, it can be extremely easy to treat things like your business voicemail as an afterthought. Your voicemail has the potential to communicate so much more effectively than its digital counterpart.

That’s why a script is so helpful. Wondering why prospects aren’t leaving messages if you don’t answer right away, or what all of those missed calls are?

This free business voicemail script includes everything you need to create a business voicemail that drives actual results for your business.

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