Looking to estimate the cost and ROI of your next campaign? Look no further.

Growing and marketing your ecommerce business isn’t easy.

And it’s not just the time and energy and blood, sweat and tears and all that.

It’s money. It almost always comes back to the ability to manage your money.

With so many ways to spend profits, ranging from a new website to influence marketing to new branding, your budget can disappear quickly and leave you without the ability to replenish your inventory.

In fact, ask any veteran ecommerce business owner and they’ll tell you their worst nightmare isn’t getting no sales: it’s getting tons of sales without the ability to fulfill them.

Whether you’re tired of wondering where your money is going or want to make sure you never run out of product again, this ecommerce budget template is for you.

What you get:


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Ecommerce budgeting tips

The downfall of many ecommerce businesses is confusing their budget with their bank account.

When the bank account looks full, they spend that money on inventory, advertising, and marketing, but when the business overspends and can’t recoup positive cashflow, they’re in trouble.

Any ecommerce business run that way is destined to fail, without the benefit of foresight to save and spend accordingly. A successful ecommerce budget influences the most important decisions in your business, including scaling as the business grows.

This ecommerce budget will help you:

  • Calculate revenue and costs automatically
  • Outline and highlight key costs
  • Assess profitability of different products
  • Increase the chances of regular positive cashflow
  • Save you hours on formatting your own budget

Want to shortcut this process? Here’s the features you want in an ecommerce budget template.



Website budget template features

Here is a rough breakdown of the most important parts of an ecommerce budget analysis:

  • Initial Investment in Web Site / Storefront
    • Hardware (e.g., servers)
    • Software (e.g., e-commerce catalog software)
    • Development (e.g., third-party site design and development)
  • Benefits from Campaign
    • Sales
    • Discounts
    • Refunds
  • Costs (Excluding Initial Capital Investments)
    • Advertising & Promotion
    • Bank Charges
    • Depreciation Expense
    • Dues & Subscriptions
    • Insurance
    • Legal and Professional Fees
    • Payroll Expenses
    • Postage & Shipping
    • Payment processing fees
    • Software
  • Totals
    • Net Benefits (Costs)
    • Tax
    • Value after tax
    • Depreciation added back
    • Cash flow
    • Cumulative cash flow
  • Evaluation Metrics
    • Net present value (NPV)
    • Internal rate of return (IRR)
    • Payback period (in years)


Get a free ecommerce budget template

Need to share your budget across other parts of your business? Need to get aligned so that every part of your business starts working together?

Following the best practices and tips above will only get you so far. It’s time to put pen to paper, or in this case, cursor to screen.

With the ability to quickly view your entire ecommerce budget on one screen will allow you to move quickly and make adjustments on the fly.

Running and growing an ecommerce business isn’t easy, but it becomes far easier with the right ecommerce budget template.

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