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Why is email marketing consistently considered and proven to be the highest ROI marketing activity?

David Newman explains “Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.”

As Newman explains, the key to winning with your automated email sequences is simply being as helpful via email as you are in person.

Together, we’ll explore scaling valuable, personal touches with these free email sequence templates.

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The 5 email sequences you need to set up today

The best email sequences work together, not in isolation. Using the specific knowledge of your customer that only you have, you can anticipate their questions, counter their objections and provide the right resources at the right time.

All without any extra work.

The top 5 email sequences you can start today are:

  1. Welcome email sequence
  2. Onboarding email sequence
  3. Abandoned cart email sequence
  4. Repeat customer email sequence
  5. Re-engagement email sequence


Welcome email sequence

A 4-part welcome email sequence includes:

  1. The Dinner Party Strategy (a warm welcome and some simple expectation-setting)
  2. The Expertise Setter (show them the value)
  3. The I-Make-Genius-Look-Easy Lesson (i.e., teach them to do what you do for your clients)
  4. The Self-Segmenter (segment your subscribers and send them relevant emails)


Onboarding email sequence

In your onboarding email sequence, you need to do three things:

  • Focus on the value, not just the features. People buy your product to solve a problem, so the best way to convert new people into paying customers is to emphasize the benefits your products bring. Instead of selling from your point of view (“our cars have 20” tires), focus on their point of view (“stop feeling every bump on the road”).
  • Give social proof. In Robert Cialdini’s book, Influence, he writes “we view a behavior as more correct in a given situation to the degree that we see others performing it.” People decide what to do based on what other people are doing. Include relatable customer stories and product testimonials to encourage new subscribers to buy.
  • Don’t just ask – incentivize. Your onboarding sequence is not the time to be hard selling your customers, but you can be creative. Offering a first-time purchase discount can be all the push a customer needs to convert.


Abandoned cart email sequence

The most effective abandoned cart email sequences include 3 emails:

  1. The first reminder – sent after 24 hours
  2. Addressing possible objections – sent after 48 hours
  3. Incentivize them with a discount – sent after 72 hours


Repeat customer email sequence

Once a customer makes a second purchase, you can use your marketing automation to send them a 2-part repeat customer email sequence:

  1. Check in 2-3 days after they should have received their purchase and see how they felt about everything.
  2. Send another 4 days after that with something useful, such as product recommendations or recently published content they would enjoy.


Re-engagement email sequence

Finding a large portion of your email list has gone stale?

Re-engage them with an email or two that:

  • Lets the customer know why you miss them
  • Reminds them why they should miss you — Show them the successes they’ve had with your product, products they’ve purchased and enjoyed and more. (Ex: “You’ve sold 214 products or $6016.39 in total sales.”)



Get a sample email sequence template

You shouldn’t have to feel like you’re gearing up for battle every time you try to write a new email.

The pro’s don’t.

And neither should you.

As you’re including the right things in each email and use the right sequences, the format really doesn’t matter.

Make sure you include everything that needs to be there with these email sequence templates.

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