Want to save on Facebook ads (and still go viral)? Maybe it’s time for a giveaway.

Despite TikTok being all the rage, it still only has 10% of the daily users of Facebook.

Want to get your company in front of Facebook’s nearly 1 BILLION daily active users?

Sure, you could run ads, but what if there was another way?

Thankfully, giveaways and contests are still the easiest way to go viral on Facebook.

But how?

Luckily, the heavy lifting has already been done for you with these Facebook giveaway templates.

What you get:


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Postmark: RSVP confirmation

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Create Deal From a Form

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Email Giveaway for Limited Contacts

Contests and giveaways are a great way to generate leads and build your email list. This automates the process and sends the limited time deal to your contacts, then sends an additional email thanking them for their interest.

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What is a Facebook Giveaway?

Facebook giveaway campaigns are one of the only organic lead generation strategies on social media. Using a Facebook giveaway template is a quick and easy way to get your social media lead generation strategy off the ground.



Why Giveaways Work So Well on Facebook

Facebook giveaways work extremely well for a few reasons:

  • No ads — Nevermind the maze of choices that is the Facebook ads manager, and the face that Facebook can turn off your ads account at any time, relying on giveaways to grow your audience is still the most effective organic way to grow
  • New followers — Gone are the days of growing your “likes” on Facebook, but they do still matter for ad targeting and allow you to reach them with organic posts.
  • User generated content — These campaigns can, in a way, run themselves with little oversight as all the content is user generated.



How to create a good contest or giveaway post

Here’s a quick 4-step process for creating a great facebook giveaway post:

  1. Call out exactly what you are giving away — By listing out the exact things being given away, you’ll avoid confusion (a major engagement killer).
  2. Test multiple creative images, videos, etc. — The image or video you like best may not always perform the best! Consider setting up multiple posts to test which drives the most content engagement.
  3. Give an incentive for signing up — Giving participants an incentive to participate (even if they don’t win) is a valuable way to drive engagement and build your email list.
  4. Include a section of how the contest works — So many facebook giveaways don’t do this. By explaining exactly how the contest works, you’ll not only increase participation, but help to cover yourself legally.



Facebook giveaways: Do’s & don’ts you can’t afford to forget

Facebook giveaway “Do’s””

  • Ensure promotion is either a contest or sweepstakes
  • Create public official rules
  • Create a privacy policy

Facebook giveaway “Don’ts””

  • Create illegal lotteries
  • Require purchase



How do you write a Facebook giveaway post?

Not every Facebook giveaway is the same. Here’s 5 examples you can use in your next giveaway:

  1. Like to Win
  2. Comment to Enter
  3. Trivia! Answer Correctly to Win
  4. Like and Comment
  5. Photo Comment Contest



Can you do a free giveaway on Facebook?

Yes, absolutely! Just make sure you follow these Facebook contest rules:

  • Responsible for running contest legally
  • Obtain “Complete release of Facebook” acknowledgement
  • Requiring people to use personal timelines or friend connections is not allowed



Get a free Facebook giveaway template

Facebook ads continue to be hit or miss, especially with new updates from Apple and other privacy-first platforms.

And let’s not even get started on the .000001% organic reach most posts get.

If you want to drive true engagement and tap into Facebook’s 1 billion daily active users (like it’s still 2007), you need a giveaway contest.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry.

This facebook giveaway template is the perfect way to get your giveaway up and running today!

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