Customizable Google Sheets calendar templates for 2023 and beyond

While calendar apps have come a long way, the ability to visualize important information on a calendar can still be difficult.

Google sheets is the go-to place to create a calendar: fast access, easy to edit and highly customizable.

What you get:


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Different Google Sheets calendar templates




You can use the same google sheets calendar template for various types of calendars, including:

  • Standard Google Sheets calendar
  • Budgeting calendar
  • Marketing calendar
  • Social media content calendar
  • Editorial calendar
  • Project timeline calendar



Google Sheets Calendar

For general use purposes, this calendar template will allow you to use a portrait layout with each more visible along the bottom tabs. You can easily view the entire month and add notes to each date, as well as print it out for physical distribution.



Budgeting Calendar

No matter the size of your business, you’d be smart to plan your budget both monthly and annually. With this calendar template, you can plan out revenue and expenses, as well as when payments are due. It makes listing operating expenses easy and can be customized for the type and needs of your business.



Marketing Calendar

With the calendar broken out traditionally into days, months, and quarters, you can turn your marketing plan forms strategy into action. With the possibility to list out daily, weekly and monthly revenue goals, sales goals and marketing campaigns, this template can be used for adhering to deadlines, noting milestones and strategy planning.

For more marketing planning, check out our marketing strategy template.



Social Media Content Calendar

Managing multiple social media platforms and need to know what’s going live on each platform each day? By bringing all of your social media networks into the same calendar, a single social media manager can coordinate a larger effort. With a smarter publishing plan in place, tracking all of your social media posts becomes more efficient.

Whether you’re posting strategically, or allow for a more ephemeral social media presence, this calendar will help you get a better understanding of your overall social media effort.



Editorial Calendar

For each month, you can use this calendar template to organize projects that are in-process, as well as color code them for where they’re at in the editing process.

Creating this calendar allows the team to stay aligned and reduce the chance for bottlenecks in the content creation process.



Project Timeline Calendar

Similar to the editorial calendar, this google sheets calendar template can be used with other types of projects. You can create a weekly schedule for a more comprehensive timeline, as well as add in key details and notes to the open sections on the calendar for reference.



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You shouldn’t have to feel like you’re reinventing how we measure time and process every time you set up a new calendar.

Whether you use it to manage your marketing, budgeting, editorial process, or even manage projects, this Google Sheets calendar template will help you move faster in your business.

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