Turn All Your Leads Into Paying Customers

When it comes to turning your leads into paying customers, nothing beats email marketing.

Unlike every other marketing channel, email can create valuable, personal touches at scale.

But it sounds a lot easier than it is. You must know where to start, what your lead nurturing emails should say, and when to send them.

Create personal, helpful touchpoints (at scale) with these free lead nurturing email templates.

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Marketing lead nurture

A contact is interested in your business, but they’re not ready to buy yet. No matter the reason, these contacts must be reached out to, to warm them up. This automation warms up a new lead when someone submits a form on your website with a short email series and will create a deal.

1:1 Email: Lead outreach pt. 1

How do you do lead outreach? Different companies view lead outreach differently and have put in research and hours of work to perfect their process. We put together this 2-part series to help get you started on reaching out to your leads and warming them up.

1:1 Email: Lead outreach pt. 2

So your contact has been moved down the pipeline, but besides moving to a new stage, what happens next? Now you start to nurture the lead and have 1:1 interactions with them. This automation is triggered when a deal’s stage changes via our recipe 1:1 Email: Lead Outreach Pt. 1.

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What is lead nurturing?

Lead nurturing is a process-driven approach to starting and growing relationships with potential clients and customers at every stage of the sales funnel.

Six essential lead nurturing email templates

If you want to nurture your leads into becoming paying customers and clients, your different email sequences have to work together.

By using smart marketing automation, your email marketing becomes a powerhouse “employee” that knows your leads as individuals, anticipates their questions, counters their objections and always sends the right resources at the right time.

Here are 6 essential lead nurturing email templates that you can start implementing today:

  1. Welcome
  2. Onboarding
  3. Abandoned cart
  4. Social engagement
  5. Milestone
  6. Holiday

Welcome email sequence

Kick off the lead nurturing process with one of these welcome email sequences:

  1. The Dinner Party Strategy: Set expectations about what they’ll get and give them a warm welcome into your community
  2. The Expertise Setter: Let them know why it’s valuable to stay subscribed
  3. The I-Make-Genius-Look-Easy Lesson: Teach them to do what you do for your customers and clients.
  4. The Self-Segmenter: Help your leads further segment themselves by their needs and interests so you can send them more relevant emails in the future.

Onboarding email sequence

Onboarding is especially important if you have a freemium offering or free trial as a part of your product or service.

As you onboard new leads to turn them into paying customers, there are 3 things you can’t forget to give:

  1. Incentives: In any lead nurturing email sequence, you want to creatively sell your product. This could be a time-sensitive discount, or even a paid micro-conversion that allows them to see the value your product or service brings.
  2. Social proof: Humans are more likely to perform an action when they see others doing the action before them. When a lead is able to see a similar person in a similar situation, choosing your product or service to solve their needs, they’re more likely to purchase.
  3. Value: Far too often, onboarding looks like showing off all your product’s features and totally ignores the transformation your customer is looking to get from using your product. Nurture more leads to becoming paying customers by emphasizing the benefits your product brings to their life.

Abandoned cart email sequence

The most effective abandoned cart email sequences include 3 emails:

  1. 1 day later: Send the first reminder to users that they left an item in their cart. This will help them remember to go through with their purchase.
  2. 2 days later: Address objections (internal, external, and product). This will provide them with some background on why they should go through with their purchase.
  3. 3 days later: Now (and only now) incentivize them with a discount code. This will help take them over the finish line. It may come at a slight discount to you, but in the end a sale is a sale. 

Repeat customer email sequence

Once a lead has engaged with your emails, you can use smart marketing automation to encourage them to take deeper actions. For example, you can:

  • Check in to see how they felt about what they engaged with (24-48 hours later)
  • Provide something helpful, such as a buyer’s guide or other product recommendations (72 hours later)

Re-engagement email sequence

You spent a lot of time (and money!) building up your list of leads. But what about when they go stale?

Segment your email list and send an email to leads that haven’t opened or interacted with emails in a while, explaining:

  • You miss them! They signed up to hear from you and now no longer do.
  • Remind them why they should miss you. Show them wins they’ve had with your product, purchases they’ve enjoyed, etc.

Get a sample lead nurturing email sequence template

Your leads are precious. You don’t want to mess up the relationship by sending the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Sure, marketing automation (like ActiveCampaign) can help, but if you want to get started TODAY, you need to know what to send.

Make sure you include everything that needs to be there with these free lead nurturing email templates.

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