Close More Deals by Turning Your Lead’s Objections Into Advantages

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned veteran, potential clients will throw you curveballs during your sales conversations. If you want to secure the sale, it’s crucial that you have the right response templates to handling their objections at an arm’s length.

Our objection handling template has an exhaustive list of over 30 sales objections you will come across and the best way to handle those objections. Get access and close more sales today!

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The 6 most common sales objections

Did you know? 53% of prospects research competitors and have multiple options in mind before they consider and engage you in a sales conversation. As a direct result, today businesses are dealing with more objections in the sales process. With our team’s vast sales experience spanning over a decade, they’ve identified the 6 most common sales objections as:

  1. Price: “It’s too expensive, I can get a cheaper version somewhere else.”
  2. Competitors/Relationship: “I’ve been burned before and I don’t like being locked into a contract.”
  3. Resources: “We don’t have resources to implement the changes.”
  4. Timing: “Call me back next quarter, I don’t have the time right now.”
  5. Product features: “XYZ feature is a deal breaker” or “We need XYZ services that aren’t included.”
  6. Business Value: “I don’t understand how your services will add value to my business.”

Worry no more! Our objection handling template will help you navigate these 6 most common sales objections and over 25 more to help you close more deals.

The 4-step process for handling sales objections

To successfully handle sales objections, follow these 4 steps:

  1. Question and encourage: Ask open-ended questions and encourage the prospect to tell you more about their objection.
  2. Check for understanding: Confirm that you’re accurately understanding the objection. Often, you’ll take a statement at face value and misunderstand the intention (or emotion) behind it.
  3. Address concerns: Agree with the objection and reposition it as a benefit.
  4. Confirm the process: Confirm what you’ve discussed and the process you’ve gone through together noting each of the previous steps along the way.

Get the free objection handling template

As a business owner, you wear all the hats. You’re the:

  • Marketing department
  • Accountant
  • Operations manager
  • Sales team

While this balancing act is tough, it’s a gets harder if you don’t have any sales experience or training.

Whether it’s price, timing, or a competitor—our objection handling template and cheat sheet will help you to turn over 30+ of their objections into your benefit and help you close the sale.

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