Want a podcast strategy that drives 200,000+ downloads (even if you don’t have an audience)?

Standing out in the world of podcasting isn’t easy.

Most podcasts record a few episodes, submit their podcast to Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher and then… crickets.

So let’s get ahead of the game.

Because launching a successful podcast has two parts: Creating an amazing podcast, and having an amazing strategy behind the podcast.

When you need to get your podcast organized, this template is the answer.

This free podcast strategy template includes everything you need to get more of your ideal listeners and guests, including:

  • Marketing strategy template
  • Marketing goals template
  • Marketing timeline template
  • Target market template
  • Market analysis template
  • SWOT analysis template
  • Positioning template
  • 10 Ps template

What you get:


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Why do I need all of these things in my podcast strategy?

Podcasting isn’t difficult because the barrier to entry is high.

Quite the opposite.

Podcasting is difficult because literally anybody can launch a podcast, for free, in the next 5 minutes.

With the barrier to entry so low, it’s no wonder that 90% of podcasts don’t make it past their first 5 episodes.

But that’s not you. You want a show that lasts. One that becomes an asset to drive your career and business forward for the next decade.

But where do you start?

You already know that starting with a smart podcast strategy can be disastrous:

  • Wasted money on equipment
  • Wasted time spent recording
  • Zero added revenue
  • Spinning your wheels endlessly
  • Throwing podcast distribution tactics at the wall and hoping something sticks

But when you do it right? A good podcast strategy gives you 4 distinct advantages:

  • A vastly deeper relationship with your ideal customers and clients
  • Greater friendships and business ties to guests and influencers
  • Stronger authority and positioning in your industry
  • Growing your business and staying one step ahead of the competition



What is in a podcasting strategy?

There are 7 crucial parts to an effective podcast strategy:


1. Podcast goals

Setting up a podcast strategy isn’t easy, so this template helps align your strategy to your overall business goals. The template charts a clear path from goals, to strategy, to tactics (for podcast tactics, check the end of this article).


2. Podcast timeline

In order to properly visualize the timeline of work your podcast will require is key to achieving the goals of launching your podcast in the first place. When everybody on your team (or even just you, if you’re solo) is on the same page, you can spend more time working on your podcast than in it. Whether you’re putting together a comprehensive podcast distribution plan or guest pitch campaign, this timeline will help align your overall vision.


3. Target listeners / audience

Your ideal listener can easily be identified with this segment profile template. Capturing the geographic, demographic and behavioral characteristics will also help inform your premise: know what you are making and for WHO. You’ll also assess marketing opportunity, market size, risk factors and growth potential.


4. Market analysis

Sometimes, large market factors may be at play without you realizing. They can either help, or hurt, your podcast strategy. You’ll ground yours in a classic market analysis model called Porter’s “Five Forces.”


5. SWOT analysis

SWOT is a shorthand acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. You can quickly identify the risks and opportunities for your show by assessing all four of these quadrants.


6. Positioning

Positioning allows you to explain the value proposition of your podcast and the problems that it solves for your listeners. If you have a team (or are working with freelancers), you’ll be able to use your positioning to develop marketing campaigns and marketing automation that resonates with your ideal customer, helping you turn listeners into customers. It also keeps your messaging and company communications consistent not just on your podcast, but across all channels.


7. 10 Ps

Also known as a “marketing mix,” this template is based on the 10 Ps of marketing:

  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. People
  4. Process
  5. Promotion
  6. Programs
  7. Place
  8. Physical environment
  9. Partners
  10. Positioning

Capturing all of this information together in the template, you can accurately map how each part of your marketing mix works together toward your overall strategy.



Additional Podcast tactics (last things last)

Unfortunately, most podcasts try to put these things first. They think that the microphone they buy matters more than the premise of their show. Wrong!

The best way to develop that kind of show is to develop the big idea driving your show, i.e. the premise. A failed show is usually not a failure in marketing or production technique, but a failure to develop the premise.” – Jay Acunzo

Here are 5 podcast tactics that should be considered as you build your larger podcast strategy

  1. Brainstorm the premise — What journey are you going to take your audience on? What are you going to explore on your show, together with your audience and your guests? What’s wrong with the world that you’re going to explore fixing? (note the uses of the words “journey” and “explore” here).
  2. Podcast Naming — Most podcast discovery still happens by word of mouth, so choosing a name that is memorable and easy to share verbally, is helpful.
  3. Podcast production  —  Product doesn’t matter as much as you think it does, but it does matter. Investing in a decent microphone and recording software can be valuable, but typically only after your show starts to get traction (again, due to the premise).
  4. Format, Frequency, Duration — Based on your premise, the format of your show, how often you publish, and how long each episode is.
  5. Build a guest list — Guests are a great way to build a bit of podcast distribution, but trust us when we say that big name guests will not grow your podcast for you. Big name guests exploring a unique premise absolutely will.



An Podcast Strategy Template You Can Actually Use (TODAY)

Everything you need for your podcast strategy is in this template. You’ll be able to move quickly from template to action with a plan that’s easy to follow. Stop wondering what to do next and grab this free podcast strategy template.

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