Use our step-by-step product launch plan template to ensure a successful product launch.

Guarantee your product marketing team and potential customers have the best launch process they can.

Product launches are messy.

So many things to do and so little time, right?

But, the last thing you want is to have to push back the launch date (again) because things
aren’t coming together on time.

Sure, a checklist might seem like one more thing to add to a too-long to-do list, but it should be the first step of any product launch.

Whether product management is old hat or you’re managing your first product launch, this product launch checklist template is a brilliant place to start.

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What to include in a new product launch checklist

Your product checklist template should include project goals and dates. We’ll define what each step of the launch process entails later, but let’s start with the basic building blocks of a product launch checklist template.

Example to get you started

Every product launch checklist template should have the following:

  • Product research
    • Audience research
    • Product design specs and related features
    • Operations logistics
    • Product testing
  • Go-to-market plan
    • Positioning document
    • Communications plan
    • Marketing plan
    • Launch date
    • Schedule (goals/deadlines)
    • Training documentation

Benefits of using a product launch checklist

Remember that too-long to-do list? One of the significant benefits of creating a checklist is managing your to-do list. There are many balls to juggle when launching a new product. Keeping an inventory ensures you won’t drop one.

Launching a new product is rarely a solo project, even for smaller businesses. The process will pass through several hands before reaching customers. Before the fateful event, the entire team needs to be on the same page. That page should be a product launch checklist.

With one main checklist to consult, every team and individual will know what needs to get done and when. Whether one group is responsible for a launch or multiple teams handle separate pieces, keeping the game plan in mind will keep the team focused on their goals.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Organizes goals
  • Keeps the team on the same page
  • Prevents mistakes

7 basic steps of the product launch process

There are 7 basic steps to a product launch process reflected in your product launch checklist template.

1. Researching audience

While you might think you’ve thought up the best thing since sliced bread, you won’t know if audiences want your product unless you ask. A product will be successful if it fulfills customer needs. So researching your audience also means understanding how best to pitch the new product.

2. Product and design features

Once you know what your audience wants or needs, it’s time to use that research to design a product. 

You might also use audience demographics to decide how best to deliver the product. For example, if it’s a service, is it only available in person or online? If it’s a physical item, will it be available in various stores or limited locations? 

It’s also crucial to test the product. Does the product work as intended? Are there changes that will make it work better? Are audiences responding as expected?

3. Operations logistics

Rather than putting the cart before the horse, before a project can succeed, you need to know the capabilities of manufacturing, production, and delivery systems. 

If the product is successful, is production capable of meeting demand? Is the required delivery or service system able to satisfy customers?

Asking logistics questions can be challenging, especially when customer hypotheticals and product predictions are involved. However, it’s a step that you can’t skip because it determines how you approach the project. 

4. Go-to-market plan

The go-to-market strategy is an essential collection of data and documents.

Communicating the launch date, training documents, and promotion plans are crucial. Teams can consult a shared checklist for product information, progress, and dates with a communications plan. 

Another critical document for a go-to-market plan is a position document. A positioning document or statement is a brief description of project features, such as the vision for the product, how it functions, and how it impacts customers. 

Other necessary elements of the go-to-market plan include an outline of marketing content, pricing and packaging, and relevant research.

5. Promotional materials

Planning promotion should include both how to do it and what you need to get it done. For example, you might use audience research to decide bus and train ads are the best route. Then, you need to decide on your budget, ad design, and when you should run the ads.

6. Sales and support teams

Sales and other support teams involved with getting the product to the market need access to audience research and training documentation. They should know how to use the product or service and understand the intended presentation.

7. Launch

You’ve made the product, you know how to promote it, and you’ve prepped your teams. Launch the product.

Pro tips for creating your new product checklist

For creating the best product launch checklist template, here are three essential pro tips to remember:

  • Be flexible
  • Review feedback
  • Check-in with the checklist

A checklist is an outline of goals and expectations. However, expectations can shift as a project develops. For example, you might alter project features based on the feedback of team members or customers. 

The checklist should be accessible to everyone involved with the project. As the product moves through production or audiences react to promotional materials, listening to feedback can be vital for a successful product launch. 

You should consult the checklist regularly. If you create the perfect product launch checklist but hide it in a file folder after step one, it won’t do you or your team any good. While checking in with the list will help you keep on track, it can also help you manage expectations.

Launch your product successfully with this free product launch checklist template

Feedback doesn’t stop at any stage of the process. For example, listen to team member feedback during production., adjust after customer testing, and adapt to feedback after the launch.

If you find the project isn’t following the checklist as initially designed, be flexible. Staying on the same page as your team and creating a successful product launch is more critical than mirroring the checklist. Use the changes to create a more accurate checklist or to inform your next product launch.

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