Our templates for your product launch email campaigns will help you throughout the entire product launch process!

We’ve got you covered, from notifying your customers of your new product to readying your team for the launch.

Product launches are supposed to be exciting, right? 

When a new product is on the way, you want to tell everyone about it. 

Although you might want to shout about it from the rooftop, the best strategy is to send strategic product launch emails both externally and internally. 

Do it right with these new product launch email templates.

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What Is a Product Launch Email?

Simply put, a product launch email is—you guessed it—an email sent out to any and all interested parties (employees and prospective customers) that announces the release of your new product. In today’s world of internet marketing, a launch email is an essential part of a company’s launch strategy.

What is a launch strategy?

A launch strategy is the marketing plan you create to make your new product successful. That includes everything from when it will happen and what it will involve to how you will get it done and who will be responsible for each of the different aspects or phases.

How do you announce a new product launch?

It’s important to announce the release of your product about a week in advance so people are ready and waiting for it. Include your product’s name, picture (if applicable), and a description of its features and benefits. The most important thing you want to communicate is the value of your product. It’s also helpful to include some incentives, such as an Early Bird discount or free shipping offer.

Internal product launch email strategy

When launching a new product, the first thing you should do is send internal emails to inform the entire company. The trick is to give your employees some incentive to talk about the new product and help you get the word out there.

In other words, you need to wind them up and generate a little free marketing from the team.

These emails should include information about what the product is and why they should be excited about it.

Internal product launch email subject lines

When writing internal product launch emails, the subject lines should be brimming with excitement. Try some variations of the following sample subject lines for such emails:

  • It’s here! [Product] just launched!
  • We did it! [Product] is on its way!
  • At last! [Product] is ready to launch!
  • Spread the word, [Product] is about to drop!
Internal product launch update email

After sending the initial emails about the launch, you must keep people updated. Most companies will generate product launch update emails for the marketing team, managers, designers, and stakeholders.

These emails should focus on milestones, goals, and progress. While updating stakeholders on what has been done so far, you’ll need to keep updating the marketing and development teams regarding future completion needs.

Internal product launch update email subject lines

Your internal product launch updates should feature engaging subject lines that make it sounds like things are progressing rapidly to sustain the excitement.

When generating these subject lines you can use something similar to the examples listed below:

  • Urgent update on [Product]
  • Only [#] short days until [Product] is released!
  • Product launch checklist
  • How [Product] will shake things up in [Industry]
  • Initial sales projections for [Product]

Internal product launch email sequence

Your internal product launch email sequences should be somewhat similar to the email updates.

After the product has been launched, you must keep stakeholders informed on its performance. Meanwhile, you should be keeping your marketing team updated as well so they can continue to develop ads and campaigns to support the product during its release.

It’s also a good idea to keep your development team updated with any customer concerns so that they can make alterations and modifications promptly

External product launch email strategy

Once you are ready to start contacting customers, it’s time to generate an external product launch email. If you’re wondering why it’s so important to send emails about your product launch, consider the fact that 90% of people in the United States use email.

Your email should include the date that the product will be available, an overview of key features, and the price.

Be sure to include a personalized greeting and tell the customer how the new product can benefit them and why they should be excited about it.

You should always include a call to action in the closing and a link directly to the product page.

Even when customers are excited about a new product, they’re less likely to look for it manually than click the link provided in the email. This is why every external product launch email should have a link to the product page.

New product launch email subject lines

You’ll need strategic subject lines for your external product launch email. Try using combinations of the samples listed here:

  • Your day just got more exciting, [Product] just launched!
  • If you loved our old [Product] you’ll love this one!
  • [Company] just launched a new product, check it out!
  • You can’t live without this; [Product] just dropped!
New product launch email sequence

After sending the initial product launch email, you should also develop a product launch email sequence.

This email sequence should include an internal sequence and an external one. It’s important to keep generating follow-up material long after the product has officially launched.

The idea is to support the product after it has launched and sustain interest in it for as long as possible until it has reached a later stage in the product life cycle.

New product launch email sequence

Ideally, you should have content for an external product launch email sequence prepared and ready to go before the product has been introduced to the market. This will make it easier for you to follow up with customers shortly after sending the initial email about your product launch.

Keep in mind, the idea is not to smother your customers with emails about your new product. Although the email sequence should be prepared in advance, it should be released gradually. The trick is to keep customers engaged with your product after the launch.

One way to do this is by entering them in sweepstakes for the chance to win a free version of the product for themselves. Also, be sure to generate emails to inform them of any upcoming sales or discounts on the new product.

Another option is to give your most loyal customers some reward points to apply so they can purchase the product at a lower price.

Get more customers with these free new product launch email templates

Choosing an email template for a product launch is just the beginning.

There are many other critical steps to consider when announcing the exciting new release of your product to both your company and customers.

Finally, you will need to use product launch templates. Before rushing over to your computer and typing up a list of emails to generate, take a step back and start looking for attractive email templates.

There are plenty of eye-catching product launch templates out there to choose from. These templates will give your product launch emails structure and help you and your team save time.

The benefits of using an email template for product launch emails include convenience and consistency. There’s simply no reason to generate dozens of emails from scratch when plenty of perfectly good email templates are available.

In summary, once you have selected a template, you’ll need to generate email sequences that will be sent internally and externally to support your product launch.

Let’s take this tiny step with confidence using these free product launch email templates.

Best of luck!

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