Reconnecting With Old Clients Email Template

It’s time to (finally) get off the new client hamster wheel

The daily grind of finding new clients is… overwhelming.

Winning over new clients takes a lot of time and energy.

Most of the time, it takes a great deal of money as well.

Many small businesses, and even freelancers, have to spend money on advertising to sustain a relatively steady flow of new clients.

This free email template includes everything you need to know about reconnecting with old clients and how it can help you save a ton of time, money, and energy in the long run.

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Why should you reconnect with old clients?

At this point, you might be wondering why you should be so interested in reconnecting with old clients when you’ve been focusing so much on how to generate new ones. On the surface, it might seem like constantly hunting after new clients is the way to go. If you slow down and take a closer look from a higher point of view, however, it’s easy to see that your old clients can be much more profitable than chasing after new ones every day. Think of it this way, any money that you dumped into advertising to win over a new client is already spent. This means that when you work with that client again in the future, it won’t cost you anything, which means more money for you! Bringing in new clients might help cover the bills, but retaining them is what accelerates growth.

Understand the reasons for lack of connection

There are several possible reasons why you may not have reconnected with an old client. Likewise, these reasons also apply when considering factors that could discourage an old client from proactively reconnecting with you and arranging for more work.

1. Mediocre Results

The first reason why there could be a lack of connection is that your old client was utterly dissatisfied with the work they received. When clients are unhappy with the work they paid for, they are quite unlikely to issue any more work. Delivering mediocre results is a sure way to give a client cause to be disgruntled, especially when it’s their first impression of what you have to offer. This is why it is important to focus on delivering exceptional work early on and remain as consistent as possible.

2. Your Prices

If it wasn’t your work that irked them, perhaps it was the prices? Some clients will demur at the prospect of working with you again simply because they found your prices to be a tad salty.

3. Their Forgetfulness

Another reason why an old client may not call you up with another batch of assignments is that they just forgot about you. If you think they may have forgotten you, try getting in touch with them. It can’t hurt!

4. Your Silence

If you took their money and went dead silent immediately after the end of the project, it’s unlikely that your old client will be calling you up any time soon. Take some initiative and give them a call.

7 Ways to Follow Up with Past Clients and Silent Prospects

Here are 7 ways to follow up with old clients and silent prospects. You can use these actionable tips to accelerate your business and sustain a steady growth rate.

1. Offer to solve a problem

Whether it’s a previous client or a silent prospect, one of the best follow-up strategies is to offer to solve a problem. Think about what problems your client or potential client might be facing and present yourself as the most logical and cost-effective solution to said problem.

2. Report your new skills

If you have acquired new skills since working with a previous client, you might want to let them know. Some clients have very specific requirements, which means new doors can open whenever you have new skills to offer.

3. Cite a recent life event

Sometimes a personal touch can get the ball rolling. Try citing a recent life event to reignite conversation with an old client and see where that conversation takes you.

4. Find gaps

You should always be looking for gaps that you can fill with your services and expertise. Do your homework and keep tabs on what your clients are struggling to accomplish.

5. Fill gaps

Once you have identified any gaps that your client might have, you should be capitalizing on them at once. Prepare a brief yet appropriately detailed presentation or at least a series of talking points that will demonstrate how you can fill those gaps.

6. Make introductions

Perhaps one of the best ways to recapture the attention of an old client or convert a silent prospect is to make some introductions. The introduction could be related to their business, or it could be more personal such as when arranging for important clients to be introduced to their favorite professional athletes, etc.

7. Send resources

As someone who has done work for them in the past, you know your old clients’ pain points. You can easily win their favor by addressing these pain points and sending over much-needed resources. Most clients will greatly appreciate the gesture. They can show their appreciation by throwing some more business your way.

8. Buy coffee or lunch

COVID-19 aside, business is a social affair. It’s all about relationships. You can build strong relationships with old clients by buying them coffee or lunch. Ideally, you should go with them to give you a chance to talk and strike up new deals. That said, you can also offer them gift cards for their favorite restaurant or coffee house. Clients love being pampered, and it definitely helps win more of their business.

9) Ask open-ended questions

One of the biggest mistakes people make when approaching old clients or silent prospects is to ask the wrong kinds of questions. For the most part, you should always ask open-ended questions. That’s because open-ended questions have a way of getting people to open up and talk more. They also tend to produce more detailed answers than questions requiring either a yes or no response.

Get more revenue (today) with this free reconnecting with old clients email template

Reconnecting with old clients is a great way to keep the gears of your business well-oiled. Try these tips and put them into action, you and your business will be glad that you did!

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