Close More Deals with this Sales Deck Template

The days of hopping calls, demoing your product, and closing a deal are long gone.

If you want to close a sale, you already know you need a sales deck.

This is doubly true in B2B, where the person you meet first isn’t always the buyer.

Make sure your sales message can be easily understood (and shared) with this sales deck template.

What you get:


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What is a sales deck?

A sales deck template is an overview of the product or service you are offering for sale to a potential customer. Its primary purpose is to convince the customer to buy the product. 

As simple as it is, many salespeople still flunk the entire concept. That’s because they can’t differentiate between a pitch deck and a sales deck. A pitch deck’s target audiences are the potential investors to whom you want to plead the viability of your idea. 

They care about the potential gains; they want to see and understand the market situation, among other necessary things that would bore out a customer. Customers do not care about all that; they want to know why they need to buy your product. 

Therefore, a sales deck must provide this information in an engaging way to bring in customers. A sales deck should not contain information about the company’s goals, visions, or other services. Instead, it should highlight the benefits of using the product you are pitching.

What is a sales deck? It’s a slide presentation of the benefits of your product to a client: a sales pitch. It should strive to connect the listener to the product; to help them see the crucial areas the product addresses. It should call the customers to action, the action you desire.

What should a sales deck include?

A good sales deck is about the customer, not the investor or the business. It should seek to highlight the pros of the product. Some things it should include are:

The problem you need to solve

What problem does your product seek to address? No brand can claim no story‒a background tale of situations that inspired the company. Many customers do not see the problem you see and for which you found a solution. Therefore, tell them the problem and why it’s an issue.

How your product can solve the issue

The next thing is how your product or service can save the day. A sales deck template without this is tilting on the verge of failure. After highlighting the problem, a customer will say, “OK, that’s the problem. How can you help?” Ensure you highlight the benefits of your product without exaggerating. Be specific with the details.

How your brand is better than your competitors

You caught your prospective customer’s attention and awed them with your product’s benefit, so what’s next? Tell them why you are better than others with the same product. It’s at this moment you reveal your unique selling point.

Prove your reliability and your product’s potential

To better your chances of selling your product, provide proof of your product’s potential. Positive reviews go a long way to help customers see your product’s potential. You aim to show them how your product has worked in reality. If there are negative reviews, downplay them as a work in progress and highlight your benefits.

Call to action

This step should always complete your sales deck pitch. After highlighting the problem, laying out the solution, proving why you are their best option, and you’ve shown proof, what do you want them to do? Whatever your goal is, make sure to invite them to do it.

How do you build a good sales deck?

Therefore, to build a good sales deck that will push sales, you need to:

  • Do a lot of research on the problem and summarize it to suit the customer’s situation.
  • Create a compelling story to keep potential buyers engaged with the pitch.
  • Highlight the best parts of your products and their benefits to customers.
  • Highlight your unique selling point (USP) in a relatable manner.
  • Gather and select the best reviews on your product to pique the customer’s interest.
  • Invite them to buy the service or product from you.

These steps are essential to building a good sales deck template and attracting clients to your product.

Sales deck presentation tips

You might have the best sales deck template on the ground and still not connect with your prospective customers. Why does this happen? The answer is simple: lousy presentation.  You will not connect with these people if you do not present well..

Some tips to bear in mind:

  • Provide a compelling story. Spin an accurate and emotional tale that centers on your product and its benefits. People love a good story.
  • Try not to dwell too much on the features of your product. Instead, present your sales pitch in a problem-solving manner.
  • Keep the engagement on a high. Always read the room and know when you are boring the customers. Infuse a few jokes and let them express their concerns and thoughts about what you sell to them.
  • Address questions as quickly as you can, and let customers know you are listening to them.
  • Share your contact information with your potential clients to enable them to take action after your presentation.

These tips will help you win over many customers and allow them to make purchasing decisions as fast as you wish.

Get a free sales deck template (that you can use today!)

Many business people do not know the difference between a pitch deck and a sales deck. And it’s this lack of knowledge that causes many a sales pitch to sound dull. A sales deck should be inspiring and fun. It should be relatable since your target audiences are the buyers and users of your products. 

Not only is a sales deck different from a pitch deck, where investors are the target audience, but it’s also different from a marketing deck that focuses on the ‘how’ aspect of your business protocol. You will always need an excellent sales deck to succeed in business. 

A sales deck is vital to turning sales into purchases. However, it would be best if you strived to make it as engaging as possible. 

Make sure to use the tips above to make your sales deck template and pitch foolproof to improve your sales rate.

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