Close More Deals With This Sales Pitch Template

Many people think their sales pitch depends on what’s in it, but that’s only partially true.

Even more important is what isn’t in your pitch. 

Thankfully, this sales pitch template is the perfect way to make it customizable without starting from scratch.

What you get:


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What is a sales pitch?

When you hear the term “sales pitch,” you might think about a stuffy boardroom with someone droning on for hours. The time for an hour-long presentation to pitch your idea or product in the hopes of selling is in danger of going extinct.

A sales pitch is a short, catchy presentation persuading your audience to buy what you’re selling. It’s also called an elevator pitch, as you should be able to present it in the timespan of an elevator ride.

Whether your business is service or product-based, you need to compel your audience, potential clients, and customers, to buy from you. That’s what an effective sales pitch does.

Sales Pitch Examples

A sales pitch template comes in many forms. Here are a few examples to get the creativity flowing:

  • The one-word pitch: Can you take your entire concept and condense it into one word? Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign used this well with the sales pitch “forward.”
  • Start with a question: Turn opening statements into questions and let your listeners think themselves into acting upon the information presented.
  • Rhyming sales pitch: Rhyming statements are seen as more accurate, even when the rhyming couplet says the same thing.

How do you write and structure a sales pitch?

Writing your sales pitch is a good first step, but you need to use your pitch to gain traction consistently. If you don’t continue to pitch effectively and consistently, then your business will struggle.

Here’s how to structure a sales pitch:

  • Identify your target customer: The first thing you should do before writing your pitch is figure out who you’re pitching to.
  • Capture their attention: You have 8 seconds to grab your target customer’s attention, so make each one of them count.
  • Back up your information with facts: Testimonials and case studies are great ways to prove what you’re selling is good, and people like the social proof that you’re selling something great.
  • Ask for the sale: 85% of the interactions between salespeople and prospective customers did not end with asking for the sale, which is why only 20% of sales reps make 80% of the sales.
  • Follow-up: It can take up to 5 follow-ups for you to get that sale, so be persistent about making sure everything is good and that your prospective customer doesn’t have any additional questions.
  • Be consistent about pitching: To achieve steady growth, you need to pitch consistently, set a goal on how many pitches you plan to present in a day, and then follow through with that goal.

If you’re using a medium where your writing will be seen instead of a cold call or in-person conversation, you’ll also need to:

  • Check spelling and grammar: There’s nothing as off-putting as finding multiple grammar and spelling mistakes on an online sales pitch, so if you want to make the sale, ensure your writing is on point.

What are the main components of a sales pitch?

Your sales pitch is essential for your sales process, so you need to know the main components of a sales pitch.

  • Research: Only 13% of customers believe their needs are understood by a salesperson, so you need to demonstrate to the buyer that you know their needs and problems and, more importantly, can fix them.
  • Introduction: This is where you get their attention or they’ll smell that you’re selling something and take off for the hills. You want to make your sales pitch sound like a naturally flowing conversation, so start by asking about themselves or their company.
  • Value Proposition: This is the bulk of your sales pitch, and it explains the problems you solve, the benefits you provide, and the types of people you sell to and work with.
  • Storytelling: Good storytelling puts your prospective customer in the moment, which creates an emotional connection. It also allows them to retain more information, which makes you memorable.
  • Social Proof: You’d never spend your money on something that hasn’t reassured you that it’s a good or valuable investment. Your prospects want the same thing, so give them social proof.
  • Unexpected Value: It’s not enough to tell potential customers about problems they already have and solutions they know exist. You need to dig deep and find a problem they haven’t thought of yet and how your product or service can help them with it.
  • Specific Action: This is the closing statement where you ask for the sale or set up the next meeting to continue speaking about it further if they are still unsure after you ask for the sale.

Steps to create your own sales pitch

Only you know your product’s strengths and weaknesses, but there are several best practices to create your own sales pitch.

  • Keep it short: A pitch shouldn’t be more than 120 seconds long since you’re asking for the most valuable resource of your prospective customer: their time.
  • Keep it simple: Don’t use clunky language or industry jargon that will confuse your prospect. Also, don’t go off on tangents that have nothing to do with what you’re selling.
  • Explain who your customers are: Give your listeners a way to identify who is interested in your product and if they fit the bill. Tailor your pitch accordingly.
  • Explain what problems they’re facing: Dig deep and find a problem they didn’t know they have and agitate already known pain points.
  • Tell them how your product can help solve their problem: Soothe their fears by offering a solution and how your product or service can help.
  • Paint a picture of the future: Give them a glimpse of their bleak future if they don’t buy what you’re selling and a different, happier future where they did.
  • Practice your delivery: Make sure it flows well and you’re confident in presenting it. If you’re doing this through email, read it aloud to ensure the pacing is good.

Get a free sales pitch template (that you can use today!)

Creating a sales pitch template that you can customize isn’t very hard to do once you have everything in place. Each sales pitch tells a story of your product or service and the people who love or hate it. Make sure it’s a good story, and people will continue to buy from you.

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