They just signed on the dotted line. Now what?

Your relationship with a client, donor, or partner doesn’t stop when they sign on the dotted line.

Truth is, that’s when the relationship truly begins.

And the first step is sending a thank you note.

What you get:


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First Time vs. Repeat Customer Thank You Email

As an ecommerce business, a "thank you for your purchase" email is a critical piece to your email marketing strategy. This automation recipe sends a specific email thanking your customers for their business based on the total number of purchases they have made.

Annual Join Date Thank-You Email

If there's one thing to remember, it's that you don't have a business without customers. And the day that a customer signs up to be on your list is a day to remember. Use this automation to send personalized thank-you emails to your contacts, thanking them for being a subscriber.

Mollie: Thank You and Track Purchase

Being able to automate based on a purchase is essential in today’s world. This powerful integration makes tracking payments and automating your contact follow-up a breeze. This automation tracks the last purchase date and thanks the contact for their purchase when a payment is received in Mollie.

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When should you use a thank you script?

There are many times when it makes sense to use a thank you script:

  • Thanking a new client as a part of your onboarding process
  • Thanking a donor who made a donation to your nonprofit or organization
  • Thanking an interviewer after a successful interview
  • Thanking a potential investor for a successful meeting

It’s important to build on your existing relationship and a thank you note is one way to keep the lines of communication open.



Get a free thank you script

A new follow-up note helps you start all of your business relationships off on the right foot. In this download, you’ll get 2 thank-you note scripts:

  • One for new relationships
  • One for existing relationships

These thank you scripts help let your customers, clients, donors and partners know you appreciate them — making everyone feel better about the decision they’ve made to work together.

Make sure you don’t leave out anything that needs to be there with these free thank you scripts.

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