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Anchor Text


Anchor text is the clickable, colored (usually blue) text that indicates a hyperlink. Anchor text is important for search engines and algorithms because it provides relevant information about where the link leads. Anchor text is changed using the HTML or CSS code.

How do I create anchor text?

This depends on what your content management system allows. For example, this Glossary is done in “Markdown” whereas other blogs you see are likely coded in HTML.

To create anchor text in most content writing (HTML):

  • Highlight the text that you’d like to link to another page
  • Click the link icon on your toolbar
  • Add in the URL you’d like the text to link to
  • If you’re linking to a header tag in a specific article, add the header ID with a # in front of it in the URL field.

What is rich anchor text?

A “keyword rich” anchor text refers to using your target SEO keywords to link to another page. This passes authority to the page you are linking to, as opposed to call to action (CTA)-focused text like “link” or “click here.”


What is an anchor text example?

Here, the words “anchor text” are, in fact, anchor text.

Sometimes, you may use anchor text for SEO purposes, but most often anchor text will be a brand name or CTA.

The anchor text that most people use to link back to ActiveCampaign is our brand name “ActiveCampaign.”

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