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Average Open Rate


Average open rate is the percentage of email recipients that open an email message from a sender. Open rate is calculated by dividing the number of people who open the email by the number of people who received the email. The average open rate is the open rate averaged across all email campaigns.

Average open rate can usually be found in your email marketing platform. Average open rates can vary based on industry and the types of emails sent.

For a standard email marketing campaign, a good open rate benchmark is 20 percent. However, triggered emails and email autoresponders tend to have higher open rates because they are triggered by a user action.

What’s the average open rate for an email blast?

Your average open rate for emails, with an engaged email list, should be between 20-25%. Click through rate should be between 3-5% for each email sent.

How do you work out open rate?

Most email service providers and email marketing platforms will do this math for you, but in case that is not true for you, divide the total number of contacts you sent the email to.

What is the difference between click rate and open rate?

Click rate measures the total contacts who clicked the links in your email divided by the total number of subscribers who received the mail. The open rate of an email is the total contacts that opened the email divided by the amount of emails sent.

Example: 200 email opens / 1000 emails sent is a 20% average open rate.

Your click rate will tell you, of the people who opened the email, how many of them clicked on at least one link within the email.

Example: 20 clicks / 200 opened emails is a 10% average click rate.

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