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Brand Evangelist


A brand evangelist is a customer who loves your brand so much that they regularly promote it to others. Brand evangelists often promote products through their social media accounts.

Potential customers often trust word-of-mouth marketing more than traditional advertising, making brand evangelists a valuable asset for companies.

How do brands create evangelists?

Brand evanglism is easy to explain and very difficult to do. Here’s the formula: The best possible product, unrivaled customer service, and a customer journey that people love to be a part of.

What is an evangelist in business?

Evangelists are the face and voice of a company. Often, they focus exclusively on messaging the company’s mission and values by creative story and positioning.

What is evangelism digital marketing?

In digital marketing, evangelism involves word-of-mouth marketing turning customers into brand advocates (evangelists) that convince others to also purchase from the company.

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