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Branding is the process creating a distinct style of a company or series of related products. Branding includes the development of a name, image, logo, style, reputation, and voice. The goal of branding is to create easily identifiable products, so that consumers purchase the branded products more frequently than products produced by a brand’s competitors.

What are the four steps of branding?

Here are four steps to building a successful brand:

  • Define who you serve (your audience)
  • Focus your business efforts on serving this audience in a specific way
  • Communicate your promise relentlessly
  • Don’t stop.

What is the main purpose of branding?

The main purpose of branding is to align a company, and its customers, to a mission and vision for the world they live in. Any person who encounters the brand will see a consistent message across every platform, every customer and every employee.

How do you start branding?

Almost every guide out there is going to tell you to start with design or “brand colors.” They’re wrong. Branding starts with deciding who you are for and thus, who you aren’t. Having something to say (an opinion) about who you are serving and their struggles are the CORE aspects of barnding that must be included in your start.

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