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Buyer’s Journey


The buyer’s journey is the steps that a buyer goes through before they eventually make a purchase. The buyer’s journey includes the process of becoming aware of a problem, considering how to approach a problem, and deciding on the best approach.

The buyers journey is important because each stage requires different levels of nurturing in order to guide a customer toward a final action. By giving answers to key questions at each stage, you can nudge customers toward the decision to buy from you.

What are the three stages of the buyer’s journey?

The buyer’s journey is made up of three stages — awareness, consideration and decision. The buyer’s journey has changed drastically in recent years due to increase customer access to information. Customers are more educated on their purchase decisions than ever before.

How do I create a buyer’s journey?

Creating a buyer’s journey map involves a visual representation of how a customer engaged with your barnd thorughout the entire customer lifecycle. For example, this may include mapping out how a potential customer discovers your website in Google, engages with the brand but decides not to purchase (instead opting to subscribe to your email newsletter), later seeing a Facebook retargeting ad and deciding to purchase.

What is buyer journey mapping?

A map of the buyer’s journey includes all of the outchpoints a customer could possibly have with your business throughout the customer lifecycle. From first discovering your brand to, eventually, making a purchase decision and later becoming a brand evangelist.

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