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Click to Open Rate


Click to Open Rate (CTOR) is the percentage of people who open an email campaign and also click on a link within that campaign. CTOR compares the number of unique clicks to the number unique opens of an email. The CTOR calculates the effectiveness of an email campaign.

How do I calculate my click to open rate?

You can calculate your click to open rate by taking the number of clicks, dividing that number by the number of opens, and multiplying the result by 100. The resulting number is your CTOR percentage.

What is a good click-to-open rate?

Across the board, average email open rates are between 15-20%. Click through rate will average around 2.5% and average click to open rate between 20-30%. Any less and you should consider segmenting your email list.

What is the difference between open rate and click to open rate?

The open rate evaluates who opened your email, which helps you gauge the performance of your subject line and subject preheader.

Your click to open rate evaluates the percentage of people who click the email against the total number of subscribers it was sent to.

Click here for our subject on email subject line testing.

What is the difference between CTR and CTOR?

CTR measures how many emails resulted in a subscribere clicking on your call to action. CTOR measures the number of subscribers who both opened the email AND clicked that link.

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