CPM, or cost per mille, is the cost of 1000 advertising impressions, views, or clicks. Often used in online advertising, CPM is most commonly used as a measure of the cost of impressions for online advertising.

What’s a good CPM rate?

A “good” CPM rate is entirely dependednt on the ROI of what you’ve spent. For example, in general retail you may want a CPM below or around $1.39. But if you aren’t meeting your marketing objectives, it may not really matter. If you market is CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, you may be willing to pay 10X as much because your ROI would still be positive.

What is CPM in media planning?

CPM in media planning is the cost per thousand impressions on a piece of media. So rather than paying for engagement, you are paying for people in your ideal audience to view a particular piece of media.

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