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Double Opt-In


A double opt-in is a process where subscribers to an email list must verify their interest in signing up before being sent emails.

What is require double opt in after subscribing?

In a double opt-in process, subscribers submit a form and receive a confirmation email. Only once the confirmation email is received and clicked does the subscriber start receiving messages.

Should I use double opt in?

Double opt-in does have some benefits, such as better engagement and open rates. This mindset encoruages qualtiy over quantity of subscribers and contacts as all subscribers have confirmed their interest in signing up to receive your emails.

How does double opt-in work?

A double opt-in is when a person signs up for an email list and is then sent a link to confirm their interest in joining the list. This helps both the subscriber and the sender by reducing the chance of emails going to spam or promotions folders.

Is double opt-in required by the law / for GDPR?

Currently, double opt-in is not required by the law or for GDPR. It is possible to ask subscribers to confirm, via a checkbox, that they understand how their email address will be used.

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