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Email Campaign


An email campaign is one email (or a series of email) sent to achieve a specific goal for the marketer.

How does an email campaign work?

An email marketing campaign includes a call-to-action (CTA) designed to move the reader closer to a point of conversion – whether conversion means becoming a lead, becoming a customer, or becoming a repeat customer.

How do I start an email campaign?

Start by focusing on your email list. Use segmentation and personalization to make every single email feel personal. Once you’ve segmented your list and personalized your email campaign, you’re on your way to a successful email campaign.

How long should an email campaign be?

Since most email campaigns are a single email or a short series of emails, within each email, the answer depends on what your contacts have signed up to receive from you. If it’s a newsletter, emails up 1,000+ words is not uncommon. But, if the emals are focused on ecommerce and the goal is to get the contact to make a pruchase, a copy length between 50-100 words can be effective.

How do you write a successful email campaign?

  • Customize the sender “from” name so the contact remembers who is sending it to them
  • Customize the recipient “to” name
  • Craft a benefit-focused subject line and pre-header text.
  • Write body copy that is compelling and expected by the recipient
  • Focus on writing emails that get opens and elicit action (avoiding email inbox filters)

How do I create an email campaign?

  • Build an email list of interested contacts
  • Define the goals of your email campaign
  • Segment your email list based on contact information
  • Personalize your emails
  • Write relevant and valuable emails
  • Write a subject line that encourages contacts to open

What is an example of an email campaign?

Check out these 5 Win-back email campaign examples.

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