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Email List Fatigue


Email list fatigue occurs when subscribers stop engaging with your email marketing campaigns.

Email list fatigues occurs for three primary reasons:

  • You send email too frequently, which burns out your list
  • Your emails are not relevant enough to the audience on your list
  • A subscriber that was once part of your target audience has a change in their own life, and engages less frequently

How do I stop email fatigue?

To avoid email list fatigue, practice good list hygiene by regularly removing inactive subscribers from your email list. Send emails regularly, so that people recognize your sender name (but not so regularly that they get burned out). Make sure that your emails are informed by audience research, so that you know your content is relevant.

How do I clean up my email list?

Although some degree of email list fatigue is natural, too much list fatigue can make it difficult to get results from your email marketing. List fatigue leads to subsribers ignoring and deleting emails, unsubscribing from your list – or even marking your emails as spam.

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