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Email Workflow


An email workflow is a series of automated emails that are triggered by specific actions or behavior. Marketers use email workflows to cut down on the repetitive work of sending a high number of emails – and to follow up in situations where they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Email workflows (also called workflow automations) are used in many situations such as onboarding, transactional messages, event follow up, and lead nurturing.

How do I create an email workflow?

Email Automation Workflow Example:

  • A contact subscribes to your trial contact list and enters the automation
  • They receive a series of helpful emails over the course of their trial.
  • These emails show them your full feature set, provide help articles, and let them know how to get in touch should they have questions.
  • At the end of the trial period, an If/Else action checks to see if the trial contact has become a customer
  • If they have become a customer, they will exit the automation
  • If they have not become a customer, they will be tagged as an expired trial and exit the automation

How do you automate emails?

Automating emails include setting up tags and triggers to allow your email marketing tool to automatically send emails on your behalf.

After John looked at the pet center’s page about dog care, he received an email promoting dog grooming services.

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