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Evergreen Content


Evergreen content is content that remains relevant long after its date of publication. Evergreen content is desirable for marketers because it continues to provide benefits over the long term – without requiring much upkeep on the part of a marketing team.

Why is evergreen content important?

Evergreen content most often refers to content that gets the majority of its traffic by ranking highly in search engines. However, evergreen content can refer to any content that continues to gain results without additional promotion.

What is evergreen content on social media?

Common types of evergreen content include viral content and original research, which continue to be referenced long after publication.

How do you make evergreen content?

The name evergreen content references evergreen trees, which retain their leaves throughout all seasons. Similarly, evergreen content is of interest to readers over a long period of time.

After John looked at the pet center’s page about dog care, he received an email promoting dog grooming services.

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