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A hyperlink is an icon, graphic, or often underlined phrase in a document that links to another resource or web page. Hyperlinks are also called a link or web link. Hyperlinks help you easily navigate a website or web page.

How do you create a hyperlink?

First, highlight the text or picture that you want to hyperlink to something else. You can either right-click that text, click a link icon in your editor, or press Ctrl+K. Then paste or type the link in the address box and confirm your entry by pressing Enter.

What are 3 types of hyperlinks?

  • Text hyperlinks include words or phrases that, when clicked, send users to another page
  • Image hyperlinks allow users to click to be send to another web page, file or document
  • Bookmark hyperlinks use text or images to send visitors to another page

What is a hyperlink example?

Any image or text that, when clicked, sends you to another webpage or to another document or file. Often, hyperlinks will look like this: hyperlink (underlined and a different color than other text).

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