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Integrated Campaigns


Integrated campaigns combine multiple channels such as content, email, display advertising and social media in order to promote a consistent message to a specific audience. The primary purpose of integrated campaigns is to convert viewers into customers.

What makes a good integrated marketing campaign?

Integrated campaigns combine the 4 Cs of marketing – coherence, consistency, continuity, and complementary.

How do you create an integrated marketing campaign?

Communication channels must be logically connected, messaging clear and consistent, and all parts must compliment each other. In a given integrated campaign, you can use social media, video, and a live event around one idea to create an integrated campaign

What is an example of integrated marketing?

“Transfarency” was an intergrated marketing campaign launched by Southwest Airlines. In the campaign, the airline used a variety of channels including: radio, print, digital and television to show how customers can easily pay for baggage, flight changes and on-board food and drinks.

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