A keyword (sometimes referred to as a search query or keyphrase) is a word that defines the main theme of the content on your page or post. The goal of a including a keyword in your content is to help you rank for terms that people search for. Optimizing your pages and posts with keywords will help your SEO rankings, making it easier for people to find your content over a competitor’s.

What is a keyword in writing?

A keyword does not need to be one word long, as the name implies. Rather, a keyword can be thought of as the entire phrase that a searcher types into a search engine.

How do you find keywords?

Most keywords can be found by talking to your customers, product marketing team, support team, success team or sales team. A big mistake people make when attempting to find keywords is starting with SEO tools and not the humans they’re marketing to.

What is an example of a keyword?

An example of a keyword would be this glossary entry targeting “What is a keyword” is search engines.

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