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Keyword Frequency


Keyword frequency refers to how often a keyword appears on a given web page. The more frequently a keyword appears in a page or piece of content, the higher your keyword frequency is.

Keyword frequency will help determine how well people can find your website or content organically. There’s a balance between too little or too much. When keywords appear too infrequently, you’ll have trouble ranking against competition. If a keyword appears too frequently that could be seen as keyword stuffing, which can also negatively impact your ranking.

Search engines like Google may need to see “proof,” in the form of keywords, that your content is truly relevant to the query.

What is the ideal keyword density?

While hotly debated, most SEO professionals believe ideal keyword density to be between 1-2%. This means that for every 100 words in an article, or on a page, the keyword should be used 1-2 times. You want to show the vistitor, and search engines, what the page is about without spamming a specific word on the page.

How many times do you use keywords in an article?

This can depend on how many synonyms a keyword may have. When there are few synonyms avaialable, a keyword may be used dozens of times within an article. However, when you have the opportunity to use more varied language, a keyword may only be used 5-10 times within an article.

What is keyword density formula?

Keyword density is: Number of times a keyword is mentioned on a page divided by the total words on the page. This ratio can be turned into a percentage by multiplying it by 100.

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