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Mass Email Marketing


Mass email marketing refers to sending one email message to a large group or list of contacts. Mass email marketing is useful for information that is relevant to large numbers of contacts (like a newsletter or a company update).

Modern marketers have started to move away from mass email marketing in favor of a more segmented, personalized approach to email.

How do I send mass email marketing?

  • Choose an email editor or email template
  • Set up your campaign
  • Preview your email on different devices
  • Dobule check delvierability requirements
  • Resent to unopened subscribers to increase open rates

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Can I send a mass email from Gmail?

Yes, Gmail allows for mass emails that can be lightly personalized.

Do mass emails work?

Mass emails still work in current times. While it’s recommended that larger email sends include more levels of segmentation and personalization, mass emails can still be an effective form of email marketing.

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