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Meta Tags


Meta tags are HTML tags that help define the contents of a web page. Meta tags are coded and are placed in the beginning of a web page’s code.

Meta tags can contain information like the page title, relevant keywords, and a description of the page. Search engines once used the information in meta tags to index web pages, though modern search engines tend not to rely on this information.

How do I create a meta tag?

Meta tags are added to the HEAD section of the website and include important tags, such as title and description.

Why are meta tags important?

Meta tags help search engines like Google assess the authority of your website and can, possibly, improve discoverability and search engine rankings.

What is a meta tag example?

Google, and other search engines, use meta tags to understand important information about a website or specific webpage. Sometimes, this information is used to display in featured snippets and other rich search results. Examples include the TITLE, and DESCRIPTION tags.

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