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Nofollow Links


Nofollow links are links with a nofollow HTML tag applied to them. Nofollow tags tell search engines to ignore a link. Nofollow links are used when the linker does not wish to pass link authority to the linked website. Links are a key factor in domain authority and search rankings, and no follow links are used to avoid affecting these things.

When should I use nofollow links?

  • The best times to use nofollow links are:
  • If the link can easily be spammed (such as comment links)
  • If the link is to an untrusted, but popular, source
  • Sitewide links to website designs
  • Embedded widgets

Do nofollow links help SEO?

Yes, absolutely. Nofollow links are counted as ranking signals that Google takes into account. Some websites, like Wikipedia, nofollow all outbound links so Google expects any links from those authoritative sites to be nofollow.

Can nofollow links hurt you?

According to Google’s Matt Cutts, nofollow links won’t hurt you unless you are spamming them at a large scale.

Why is nofollow important?

Nofollow links are still important and valuable because they contribute to overall site authority, drive traffic to your website and build brand awareness. Unlike the old days of spammy link building, nofollow links are less of a concern in recent years.

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