To opt out refers to the different ways a contact can unsubscribe or voluntarily remove themselves from an email list.

Opting out usually refers to email marketing, and the majority of marketing emails will include an “unsubscribe” or “opt out” button in the footer that links to a confirmation page and removes your email address from the list the email was sent to. In some countries, the law requires these links to be included.

What is an opt out policy?

An opt-out policy is a standard policy that states once a user has opted out of a marketing campaign, the sender agrees to no longer send them emails or campaign materials.

How does opt out work?

Once a user has performed an action that signals they would like to opt out of an email campaign, or leave an email marketing list, they will no longer be sent those types of marketing emails. This can work at the list or campaign level.

How do you opt out?

Most often, subscribers can opt out by clicking a button, typically labelled “unsubscribe.”

What is meant by opt-in and opt out?

“Opt in” is when a person performs a positive action that indicates they’d like to join an email list or receive emails about a specific topic or for a specific reason. “Opt out” means that the user would no longer like to receive the emails they’d opted in for previously.

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