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Page Title


A page title is the title of a web page as it appears at the top of the browser window and in search engine results. The page title is defined by the title element of a page’s HTML. Page titles are also called meta titles or title tags.

Search engines use page titles to index web pages, so it’s important that your page title includes the page’s primary keyword.

How do you find the title of a page?

The title of a page will often be on the page in the form of an H1 tag. Additionally, the title can often be found in the HEAD section of the page’s code.

What is a good page title?

A good page title accurately describes what a visitor will find on that page as well as opening enough curiousity that a person searchnig for that content would want to click on it and read more.

What is a page title in SEO?

In SEO, the page title appears in search results. The page title should describe the content on the page and make a promise that the content will fulfill, thus earning a click from search results.

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