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Plain Text Email


A plain text email is an email that uses only text, without the use of images, links, graphics, HTML code, or formatting. Plain text emails often look like personal 1-to-1 communications, although most email clients support the inclusion of links and images.

Plain text emails work well with email clients that may be sensitive to HTML coded emails, or emails with many links and images in them. Because some email clients don’t display some types of media (especially GIFs and videos), email marketers sometimes use plain text over more designed email templates.

What is plain text mode?

Pain-text mode in email will strip out all of your formatting and images (also includes tracking pixels).

What is a rich text email?

There are 3 options to send emails in: html, rich text, and plain text. Rich text format (RTF) emails can be be text formatted, allow for links, and other formatting like bullet points.

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