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Suggestion Selling


What is Suggestion Selling?

Suggestion selling is a sales technique where the salesperson encourages the customer to purchase additional items, often complementary or associated with the primary product being bought. This approach increases the overall value of the sale and enhances customer satisfaction by ensuring they have everything they need to enjoy or benefit from their primary purchase fully.

What Constitutes Suggestion Selling?

When engaging in suggestion selling, salespeople use their knowledge of the products and the customer’s needs to identify additional items that could be beneficial. For example, if a customer purchases a digital camera, the salesperson might suggest buying a memory card, a camera case, or an extended warranty.

This technique can be seen in both physical and online stores. You might see this online in the form of “customers who bought this item also bought…” or “you might also like…” suggestions.

Why is Suggestion Selling Beneficial for Your Business?

Suggestion selling provides several benefits. Firstly, it can increase your business’s average transaction value, boosting revenue. You can maximize each sale’s value by suggesting relevant and helpful additions.

Secondly, it can enhance customer satisfaction. When the suggested products genuinely add value and enhance the customer’s ability to use the primary product, it can result in a more satisfying shopping experience.

Thirdly, suggestion selling aids in building strong relationships with customers. When salespeople make personalized suggestions that meet a customer’s needs, it shows the customer that the business understands and cares about their preferences and requirements. This strengthens the customer relationship, encouraging repeat business and loyalty.

Suggestion selling also ties in nicely with CRM and sales automation. Within your CRM, you can track past purchases and use that data to suggest additional, relevant products, thus personalizing the shopping experience. These suggestions can be automated with sales automation, freeing up your sales team to focus on other tasks.

How Can You Implement Suggestion Selling with ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign’s sales software and marketing automation capabilities make implementing suggestion selling in your business easy. You can track a customer’s behavior and purchase history using the CRM, then use this data to generate relevant product suggestions.

For example, with email marketing, you can send personalized emails to customers that suggest products related to their past purchases. ActiveCampaign’s sales software can also automate this process, ensuring that customers receive these suggestions at the optimal time.

ActiveCampaign’s marketing automation can also help implement suggestion selling on your website. You can create personalized pop-ups or product suggestions based on the customer’s browsing behavior or purchase history, enhancing the shopping experience.

In conclusion, suggestion selling is a powerful sales technique that can increase revenue, enhance customer satisfaction, and build stronger customer relationships. By leveraging tools like ActiveCampaign, you can seamlessly incorporate suggestion selling into your sales and marketing strategies.

Also Known As

  • Add-on selling
  • Cross-selling
  • Upselling

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