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Free offers. A welcome series. Automating your launches. Marketing automation gives you the tools you need to grow your blog.
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As many lead magnets as you like

Lead magnets are one of the best ways to get more subscribers. That’s why ActiveCampaign lets you offer and deliver as many different lead magnets as you want.

Sign-up forms that get you more subscribers

A great sign-up form gets more people to join your list. Customize your sign-up forms—and use them to trigger automations that send subscribers your content right away.
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Use automated email funnels for your launches

Launches shouldn’t keep you up at night. Marketing automation lets you schedule every piece of your funnel in advance, so you don’t need to stay up managing the details.

Start things off with a welcome series

When do your subscribers want to read your content the most? Right after they subscribe. Trigger a welcome series to send people your best content when they want to read it.
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Send exactly what your subscribers want to see

How do you know what your subscribers want? Site tracking, link tracking, and segmentation make it easy to figure out exactly what content you should send them.

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Try it free. No credit card required. Instant setup.

WordPress, landing page, and membership integrations add the tools you need

Running a blog means using a lot of different tools together. ActiveCampaign integrates with 870+ apps, including Unbounce, Thrive Themes, WordPress, and Zapier.


It’s like hiring your very own virtual assistant

ActiveCampaign handles the promotion that you don’t have time for. With features to manage your lead magnets and email funnels, you can focus on creating content your subscribers love.

Marketing automation

Take the stress out of launches by setting up everything you need in advance.

Email marketing

Send newsletters and blog posts that your subscribers want to read.

Sign-up forms

Build your email list with custom forms. Deliver as many different lead magnets as you like.

Contact scoring

See your most engaged subscribers, so you know who wants to hear from you most.

Goal tracking

Track purchases and memberships, so you can see how your launches perform.

Advanced reporting

Measure the growth of your list and business. Check reports to find new ways to grow.

A/B testing

Which funnel works best? Test email content and entire funnels to get the highest conversion rate.


Track link clicks, visits to your website, and practically any other behavior.

Facebook Custom Audiences

Reach your subscribers with Facebook Ads, targeted using ActiveCampaign segments.

See how it works for your blog

Try it free. No credit card required. Instant setup.