How to Use ActiveCampaign with Salesforce to Qualify, Track, and Nurture Leads

How to Use ActiveCampaign with Salesforce to Qualify, Track, and Nurture Leads

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    Available on your ActiveCampaign account today, our robust integration with Salesforce can be strategically implemented to drive better lead intelligence and engagement for your business. It’s important to have a seamless connection between your various marketing and sales efforts to drive meaningful growth in today’s competitive landscape.

    In this strategic guide, we will deep dive into the powerful ways the integration of these two platforms can change the way you qualify, track, and nurture your leads.

    You will be able to craft a lasting first impression by using valuable lead information to its full potential to make sure no leads slip through the cracks and even leverage automations to close more deals. Let’s dive in!

    Enhance Lead Intelligence – From ActiveCampaign to Salesforce

    It’s important to ensure that data across your entire tech stack is in sync so that each one has all the information to help your team drive business growth. In this case, sending contact data from ActiveCampaign to Salesforce goes beyond a simple sync and really enhances your lead intelligence.

    This enhanced data set for each contact can be immensely helpful for your sales, support, and marketing teams to excel in their roles by closing more deals, helping customers faster, and generating more brand awareness. 

    For example, a digital marketing agency can use ActiveCampaign to track lead interactions like the email open rate and website visits, which feeds into our robust lead scoring system. This data, when synced with Salesforce, equips the sales team with insights into each lead’s engagement level and interests.

    A marketing automation in ActiveCampaign

    In this case, a sales rep at the agency looks at a lead’s profile in Salesforce and sees a pattern of interactions with content about social media marketing via their marketing emails.

    Armed with this knowledge, the rep tailors their pitch to focus on social media services, significantly enhancing the likelihood of conversion. This strategic alignment of marketing data with sales efforts has enabled the agency to see a significant increase in its lead conversion rates, showcasing the profound impact of combining ActiveCampaign’s marketing power with Salesforce’s robust sales tracking.

    Drive Lead Engagement – From Salesforce to ActiveCampaign

    On the other hand, transferring essential lead data from Salesforce to ActiveCampaign equips your account with up-to-date and actionable information. This enables the creation of personalized experiences for your leads, whether through 1-1 emails in our Deals CRM or via our automation recipes.

    A simple automation in ActiveCampaign

    For example, a customer who frequently purchases and browses fitness gear on an e-commerce site receives an email with exclusive offers on the latest fitness apparel and equipment and gets retargeted with relevant advertisements for those products.

    This precise targeting, informed by Salesforce data, has led to a remarkable 30% increase in the business’s lead-to-customer conversion rate. It’s a clear testament to the power of delivering the right message to the right person at the right time using ActiveCampaign and Salesforce. 

    Unifying your sales and marketing efforts & next steps

    Now that we know having a two-way street between your ActiveCampaign and Salesforce accounts is a key part of unifying your sales and marketing efforts, where do you go from here? 

    First, outline your customer journey and pinpoint the important areas to intervene for a conversion. This can be via a sales phone call or simply a marketing email that triggers a purchase from your leads.

    Then, integrate your Salesforce account with your ActiveCampaign account and set up the funnel between each to properly sync data. You can check out this handy guide on that here. And reach out to our customer experience team if you have questions while setting up. Finally, it’s important to have regular check-ins to update your data sync and reevaluate your strategy as your business needs & goals evolve.

    Screenshots of both ActiveCampaign and Hubspot's respective CRMs

    The integration of ActiveCampaign and Salesforce does more than just align sales and marketing tools; it creates a cohesive journey for each lead.

    By bridging the gap between these platforms, leads are no longer just names in a database but individuals with distinct journeys, preferences, and behaviors. This unified approach ensures that no matter where a lead is in their journey, the messaging they receive is always relevant and personalized.

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