Using the Deals CRM to Enhance Relationships

Using the Deals CRM to Enhance Relationships

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    The Deals CRM empowers you to track relationships and visualize opportunities as they travel through the many stages relevant to your business. In conjunction with Deals, you can leverage sales and marketing automation to foster relationships and power these processes.

    Capitalizing on ActiveCampaign Tools

    In the simplest terms, successful marketing is reaching the right group of people at the right time, with the right message, through the right medium.

    To do this, you must identify what problems your products or services solve, what makes your company different, and how you compare to competitors. It will be important to understand what indicates your contact is ready to purchase and what the purchasing experience is like for those looking to convert. 

    Businesses and brands should be connecting with folks at the right time with the right answers and with useful solutions.

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    ActiveCampaign provides you with the tools to respond in real time to the actions and behaviors of your contacts. From taking action, like signing up for your newsletter, to inaction, like not purchasing in the last several months, you can monitor it all.

    Not only can the platform do the heavy lifting of data-based work like creating lists, tagging, and communicating with contacts, but you can also automate the Deals CRM, giving valuable time back to your team to focus on relationships with prospects and generating more revenue.

    Lead scoring also serves as a powerful connection between data and relationships. Check out these resources to learn more about contact and lead scoring strategy and some effective steps you can take to score contacts appropriately within your organization. 

    Powering Your Customer Journey 

    A key aspect of taking advantage of all of the tools ActiveCampaign offers is having a clear understanding of your customer journey. You want to be building processes and systems in the Deals CRM that align with the customer journey and ultimately creating campaigns and automations that deliver your contacts personalized messaging and unique pathways according to their engagement with your business. 

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    Firstly, we can think about new contacts – welcome campaigns have the highest engagement as those new contacts expect and want to hear from you. It is not scalable to manually reach out to everyone subscribing to your lists; luckily, that can be left to automation. Y

    ou will want to quickly reply to a new contact who expressed interest in a new product or signed up for an event. You can also automatically create deals for new contacts and assign them to appropriate pipelines through form actions or automations. 

    Has there been a change in the lead score? If a contact is showing more interest, perhaps they’ve completed a form or visited a particular page multiple times. You can create an automation to notify your sales team of the change and move the deal to the next stage in your pipeline.

    Most likely, you will have multiple stages in your pipeline, and you may even have multiple pipelines for the different processes in your business (i.e., sales, onboarding, event registration, and so on). You can easily visualize the deals, aka opportunities in progress, in your Deals CRM.

    Within the deal record, you can update and view deal fields, save notes, set tasks, and review your 1:1 email correspondence. You will want to continuously collect data and insight from your contacts with each new stage they enter so you can iterate and personalize your customer journey. 

    If you are an e-commerce business, it’s also vital to keep tabs on your contacts that haven’t purchased in a while. Often, they may just need a nudge to return. Sending a well-timed “We miss you!” with an incentive may inspire a new purchase. Think about coupons or sharing new product information. With automations, you can move these contacts into a Re-Engagement stage in the CRM and automatically send out that campaign. 

    Keep Your Process Organized

    The Deals CRM helps keep your business organized, following a deal from inception to (hopefully) closed/won. You can clearly visualize opportunities and the status of relationships with your customers by moving them through the appropriate stages of your pipelines.


    • Campaigns are how you communicate with your contacts.
    • Automations help orchestrate your overall processes internally and externally.
    • The Deals CRM organizes and sorts your ongoing deals and includes the ability to schedule and track tasks, notes, and emails with your contact.

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