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Personalization is key for building meaningful connections with your contacts. Learn how to maintain attention to detail as you scale with ActiveCampaign, the leading automation platform, with the below resources.


Getting to know the ActiveCampaign platform

Let’s start with a quick overview!

Looking for a more in-depth option? Check out the entire ActiveCampaign platform by registering for the Getting Started with ActiveCampaign course

This course takes about 90 minutes, and you can access lessons at any time. You can quickly register, take a lesson or two, and return whenever you want.

What’s included:

  • ActiveCampaign platform fundamentals, best practices, and expert strategy in organizing and building your account
  • Quiz yourself! See how well you’re learning ActiveCampaign
  • All the resources you need to get started

Take the Getting Started Course

Our introduction to the fundamentals of ActiveCampaign


Dive into the ActiveCampaign platform by following this quick checklist:

Use ActiveCampaign’s drag-and-drop email designer to create stunning email campaigns in minutes. Sign up for an upcoming Campaign Building Workshop.

Use ActiveCampaign’s drag-and drop automation builder to set up automated workflows that make sense for your business. Check out our 900+ pre-built recipes to help you get started. Sign up for an upcoming Automation Building Workshop.

Browse over 940+ integrations (including Facebook, WordPress, Shopify, Salesforce, and more) to start automating your customer experience with the apps you already use.

Use Site Tracking to see which pages of your website are being visited by your contacts and create amazing personalized customer experiences for your audiences.

Use signup forms to collect leads on your website and grow your contact database.

Use segmentation to effectively target and personalize your communications.

Make sure to monitor your reports regularly to optimize your automations and campaigns.


Register for ActiveTraining webinars & workshops

While you’re working through your product checklist and the Getting Started course, hit the ground running with ActiveTraining webinars & workshops. A live moderator will be available to answer questions!

What you’ll learn:

  • The fastest ways to get started in ActiveCampaign
  • Not just how to automate — but how you decide what to automate
  • How to segment your contacts, personalize your messaging, and create incredible customer experiences

Register for ActiveTraining webinars & workshops


Join the ActiveCampaign Community

Where can you find ActiveCampaign customers like you? In the ActiveCampaign Community, you can meet other ActiveCampaign users, ask questions, and someday, even show off what you build!

By joining the community, you’ll:

  • Gain valuable insights, tips, and tricks from experienced ActiveCampaign users
  • Network and collaborate with like-minded individuals, building valuable relationships
  • Get early access to features, updates, and beta testing opportunities
  • Receive support and guidance from our dedicated community managers and experts

Join the Community


Join an in-person Study Hall near you

Become a Marketing Automation expert! Join one of our two-day in-person workshops for hands-on learning within your own ActiveCampaign account. You’ll walk away feeling empowered to use ActiveCampaign in new ways to grow your business!

By attending Study Hall, you’ll receive:

  • Over 10 hours with a marketing automation expert and an opportunity to network with fellow ActiveCampaign users
  • New ways to build personalized customer experiences at scale with automation
  • Ways to manage and organize all of your contact data
  • ActiveCampaign Level 1 Fundamentals certification

Sign up for Study Hall

Frequently Asked Questions

What helpful pages should I bookmark as a new user of ActiveCampaign?

We suggest creating an ActiveCampaign folder in your bookmarks so you can keep track of all necessary information and resources. These are the most important pages to bookmark: Login to ActiveCampaignActiveCampaign Education CenterActiveCampaign Help Center.

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