Minimum Advertised Price Policy

1. Introduction

ActiveCampaign understands that resellers invest resources and capital into adding value to ActiveCampaign’s suite of web-hosted marketing automation solutions (“Services”) with their own set of features and solutions (the Services incorporating with such features and solutions collectively referred to as “Reseller Services”). We want to protect their ability to do so. As a result, ActiveCampaign has unilaterally established this Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP”) Policy.


2. Policy Statement

ActiveCampaign, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to discontinue providing Services to any reseller that advertises any Reseller Services at a price lower than the prices listed for each individual plan, tier, and contact amount at ActiveCampaign’s pricing page, as applicable to the particular Reseller Services.


3. Guidelines

a. The MAP policy applies to all advertisements of the Reseller Services in any and all media, including but not limited to social media posts, radio, television, magazines, reseller’s websites, blogs, press releases, internet sites, apps, or any other electronic media.

b. Website features such as “click for price,” automated pricing e-mails, pre-formatted e-mail responses, forms, automatic price display for any items prior to being placed in a customer’s virtual ‘shopping cart’ are considered to be communications initiated by the reseller, not the customer, and thereby constitute “advertising” under this MAP.

c. This MAP also applies to any activity which ActiveCampaign determines, in its sole discretion, is designed or intended to circumvent the intent of this MAP policy.


4. Policy Enforcement

a. ActiveCampaign Reserves the right to cancel any reseller accounts and/or discounts for a reseller’s account if ActiveCampaign reasonably believes:

  • the reseller has violated the provisions of this policy; or
  • the reseller intends to violate and/or circumvent this policy.

b. ActiveCampaign is solely responsible for determining whether a violation of the MAP has occurred, as well as determining appropriate actions.