Email extensions for Chrome and Outlook

Deliver amazing customer experiences and manage all of your sales communications without leaving your email account.


Work out of your preferred email account

23 minutes — that’s how long on average it takes to refocus each time you get distracted from your work. Toggling between applications add to those distractions and eat up even more time. Our extensions cut down on all the back-and-forth.

What can you do with ActiveCampaign’s Chrome or Outlook Extensions?

To close more sales and grow your existing customer base, you need to be able to access your deals quickly. ActiveCampaign’s Gmail and Outlook extensions make it easy to stay connected to your leads, save time, and keep your team aligned.

See your CRM info from your inbox

Easily add a new contact into your account

Create and update deals on the go

Create, assign, and mark tasks or notes complete

View and edit custom fields on contact records

Create accounts and associate them to a contact


The Chrome extension for ActiveCampaign

With ActiveCampaign for Chrome, you can seamlessly manage your CRM’s pipeline processes, contact data, and automations — without even switching tabs.

CXA in your inbox

Have all your important data at your fingertips — like your contact’s tags, custom field values, any automated processes they are currently involved in, and open deal records.


The Outlook extension for ActiveCampaign

With the Office & Sharepoint Add-In, you can keep your most important sales data where you want to see it in Outlook, so you can manage your business in the way that works best for you.

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Close deals faster

Have everything you need right in front of you to qualify leads and opportunities, and you never have to worry if your CRM is current.