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What is the ActiveCampaign Customer Referral Program?

This program is a unique opportunity for current ActiveCampaign customers to connect more businesses with the #1 Customer Experience Automation platform.

All ActiveCampaign customers are automatically enrolled in the program. Earn money when your referrals sign up for a paid account. Plus, the customer you refer will earn $10 in AC credit.

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How it works

After your referrals are active customers for 60 days, you’ll receive an Amazon gift card valued up to $100. Here’s how much you can earn:

How to Earn

ActiveCampaign Ambassador Program
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Use your unique link immediately

Log into your ActiveCampaign account Click the “Refer Friends” tab and copy your unique referral link.

Share your link everywhere

Spread the word about AC with family and friends or on social media.


Sit back and relax

Earn up to $100 USD for sharing ActiveCampaign.


How is this different from the ActiveCampaign Affiliate program?

The ActiveCampaign Affiliate program is intended for influencers, educators, and marketers who are regularly referring customers to ActiveCampaign. The program pays out a recurring commission via PayPal based on the revenue generated from the referred account. Affiliates much have 2 active referred accounts to receive commission.

The ActiveCampaign Ambassador program, however, is a system to reward our customers for referring their friends, family, and social media network. All non-resold active customers are automatically enrolled when they sign up for ActiveCampaign. Payouts are done one-time via gift card and there are no minimums to start earning.

Join the ActiveCampaign Customer Referral Program