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Build stronger relationships with account fields on your forms.

Account fields on forms

With forms, you can gather crucial information about your audience and then further engage them across channels with the right message at the right time. Whether the data is basic contact info, product preferences, or geographic data, you will have a better understanding of who your customers are and what will ultimately drive them to act.

Now, you can add any standard or custom fields on the account level onto any ActiveCampaign form. Especially great for our B2B users, personalize your outreach and demonstrate a true understanding of the companies and accounts in your audience.

Ready to give it a try for yourself?

No matter where you are in your own journey of using CXA, you can get started quickly and easily by introducing forms to your everyday engagement. Start by adding a form to your site, and kickoff a basic follow up email upon submission. From there, you can grow and scale as you need, and introduce customizations that demonstrate a true understanding of each individual customer. Ready to get started? Learn more about forms in our help center, or start your free trial today!