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All campaign types are now available in the new email designer

Leverage different campaign types to build your email with ease. Select a campaign type to quickly build your email with ease. Choose from standard, automated, auto responder, split testing, RSS triggered, and date based campaigns to create personalized emails to your customers. 

Different types of campaigns in the new email designer:

Standard campaign- Send a one-time email campaign to your audience. Use when you need to get a message out quickly such as an announcement or an email to all your shoppers about a sale.

Automated campaign- Create custom sequences of email actions and conditions. When you create an automated campaign you are beginning to create an automation that contacts will enter your campaign based on an interaction that led to a trigger to send the email. 

Auto Responder Campaign- Trigger off a once-off  automated campaign that will send an email after someone subscribes. You can leverage the customer information to subscribe them to a list for any future outreach emails. 

Split Testing Campaign- Try multiple emails to test which works the best. You can test different email subject lines or different information to see which one your audience will interact with. 

RSS Triggered Campaign- Deliver emails when new posts are published or send an email when a new event is posted. Keep your audience up-to-date with blogs or news from your website. 

Date Based Campaign- Send an email on contact’s birthdays, anniversaries, and more. This can be useful when you want to share content that is personalized for an important day. Create a custom date to leverage the date based campaign to send a promotion or email on their special day. 

If you’re interested you can Try it for yourself or sign up for a free trial today!

To learn more visit our guide to campaign types.