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Bulk edit account to manage a more streamlined process

Bulk edit email 1

Quickly edit multiple accounts to keep your CRM organized and up-to-date with bulk edit enhancement. Update multiple account’s standard and custom fields to boost your team’s productivity. 

Use bulk edit to:

  • Change account ownership from old to new team members
  • Categorize accounts into different territories 
  • Changes to custom fields

Bulk edit fields like:

  • Owner
  • Address Fields
  • Phone Number
  • Description
  • Number of Employees
  • Annual Revenue
  • Industry/Vertical
  • Custom Fields

To enable this feature:

  • Users must be able to edit accounts to access bulk edit. This is managed by the “Edit” permission under Accounts in User/ Group permissions. 


  • “Account Name” field is not editable in bulk, because it is used as a unique identifier
  • “Created date” and “Last updated date” are not editable. 
  • “Account Owner” field is limited to users in the Admin group

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